Live Online Programs


Our Live Online Programs are synchronous programs - that means they happen in real time. Live online students attend scheduled lectures alongside on-campus students.

How does it work?


Students log into virtual classroom meetings via video conferencing. Educational content is accessed via a digital classroom app. Students collaborate with each other and interact with their teachers in the learning platform.

What classes are offered?

6 different class types.

Our programs are divided into 6, 1 month long modules:

  • Production (1 month/40 clock hours)
  • Engineering (1 month/40 clock hours)
  • Songwriting (1 month/40 clock hours)
  • Business (1 month/40 clock hours)
  • Mixing (1 month/40 clock hours)
  • Artist (1 month/40 clock hours)

Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Equipment.

When enrolling in all six programs, the cost of tuition is $6,000.
When enrolling separately, the cost of tuition is $1,250 for each program.
There is a one time, non-refundable application fee due at the time of enrollment. This fee is to cover school costs of enrolling a student.

Tuition All Six Programs ( 6 months/ 240 clock hours } $6,000
Production ( 1 month/ 40 clock hours ) $1250
Engineering ( 1 month/ 40 clock hours ) $1250
Songwriting ( 1 month/ 40 clock hours ) $1250
Business ( 1 month/ 40 clock hours ) $1250
Mixing ( 1 month/ 40 clock hours ) $1250
Artist ( 1 month/ 40 clock hours ) $1250

How do I sign up?

Time to level up.

Begin by filling out the form on the enrollment page. (link) The school will review your application and follow up with you. Be as complete as possible. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for a response

Begin enrollment

To apply you will need:

  • At least one song or beat (unless your focus is business)
  • A resume
  • Links to a website, social media or other online content

To enroll you will need:

  • A copy of your high school diploma or GED certificate*
  • High school transcripts*
  • Links to a website, social media or other online content
  • Completion of an online readiness test provided by the academy

*Unfortunately, we cannot accept college diplomas or transcripts in place of high school diplomas or transcripts.

What equipment do I need to take the online programs?

Online students will need these items:

  • Mac computer (all instruction is on MacOs)
  • PACE iLok3 - USB
  • Ableton Live software
  • Pro Tools software
  • Audio interface
  • Microphone
  • Midi controller keyboard
  • Headphones
  • Studio Monitors (optional but recommended)

Distance Education Equipment Requirements:

Students enrolled in the online programs will need the following equipment:

  • The above equipment of similar or better quality
  • A computer with webcam and microphone
  • A strong internet connection
  • Free Zoom mobile and desktop application and account


Learn more.
Q: Can I do the program on my own schedule?

A: Lectures are from 11-1am Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, just like on ground. If you can’t make the lecture, you can watch a recorded version later. However, it is recommended that you make time to attend the lectures.

Q: How do I access the school content?

A: The Academy uses an online delivery system that is accessible from your computer or mobile device at any time.

Q: As an online student, do I get to interact with my teachers?

A: Online students are able to ask questions during the lectures and remotely interact with their teachers via Zoom meetings and our online learning platform.

Q: Will I be able to form relationships with my fellow students and teachers?

A: Yes, collaboration is encouraged between all students attending the Academy. Our online learning platform allows for communication with all students and teachers.

Q: Are there any academic requirements to enroll?

A: A high school diploma or GED.

Q: Is the Academy accredited?

A: The Academy is approved to operate by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education, a division of the California Consumer Affairs Department. The academy offers certificates of completion for their programs.