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Engineering Course Overview

On-Campus and Live Online
When you’re ready to level up your sound, it’s time to take a sound engineering class. Our accomplished teachers have cut their teeth in studios for decades, and they’re ready to share their secrets with you. You’ll learn essential skills, including vocal recording techniques, digital audio fundamentals, and recording templates. Master the basics, and anything is possible.

Learn on Pro Tools: The Industry Standard

As the top sound engineering school in Los Angeles, we give you the skills to thrive now and in the future. That’s why we teach on Pro Tools. Virtually every major studio across the globe uses Pro Tools, and for good reason. It’s the most powerful recording software, and the interface is intuitive without sacrificing the in-depth features that can take a lifetime to master if you’re not learning from the best.

Take the Basics and Run With Them

Why take a sound engineering class instead of teaching yourself? First, it’s crucial to get the fundamentals down correctly — you must learn the rules before you can break them. Second, we don’t teach you general sound engineering skills, we teach you skills specific to the music career you’re pursuing. We’re not here to simply instruct you technically — we give you lifelong skills that you’ll use every time you enter the studio. Learning in real-time from the pros is an incomparable experience.

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Want to hear what our students are up to these days? Check out our alumni showcase to hear the fruits of our lessons. If you are ready to go from zero to a career, we recommend signing up for the 1500 Music & Industry Fundamentals program, but you’re welcome to join us just for sound engineering classes if that’s what you are after.

Ready to get started? Whether you prefer on-campus or online learning, you’re going to love working to turn your vision into a reality with our sound engineering classes. Start your enrollment at our Los Angeles sound engineering school now and learn to master sound engineering.

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