About Old

About Old

Our Mission

Societies and industries exist because groups of people cooperating can achieve vastly more than what a person can do on their own. The people who’ve advanced humanity throughout time fearlessly led by example, pushing to do their best so hard that they pushed beyond expectation and caused some type of change in the world.

Realizing your full potential comes from education and practice. There is an absolute best version of everything and everyone. Fear and jealousy, which is the fear of not feeling/being as valuable as someone else, are enemies of success and imagination. Creativity is the idea we aim to teach and quality/luxury is the theme (or language) we use to communicate that message.

Excellence comes from a sense of urgency, not a rush! So we need to constantly self-examine and pace ourselves to accomplish our goals. Our mission is to create a culture of high achievement and excellence through our example and message.

About 1500 Sound Academy

For the culture. By the culture.

1500 Sound Academy, LLC is a subsidiary of Volume Ventures, LLC, an independent multi-faceted entertainment company that provides comprehensive music & video production, publishing, and education services to aspiring and established recording artists, songwriters, musicians & music videographers. Based in Inglewood, California, Volume Ventures, LLC is led by an accomplished team, consisting of Grammy award-winning R&B/Pop singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy, musician & Grammy award-winning producer, Larrance “Rance” Dopson, & successful entrepreneur & executive, Twila True, Co-Founder of True Family Enterprises, a privately held family office based in Orange County, California.

State of the Art Facilities

Growing the next generation.

Our brand new facilities in Inglewood, CA provide students with ample access to technology and talent.

Our facility features 4 private training rooms on the first level and an SSL recording studio. The two second-floor classrooms welcome 30 students in each.

Our Programs


Movers and shakers.

James Fauntleroy, Lawrence Dopson, and entrepreneur Twila True lead the facility. Learn more about their backgrounds and what they bring to the academy.

Our Leadership

Instructors & Staff

Industry insight and experience.

More than big names - these talented teachers and leaders have years of industry experience to share with the students at 1500 Sound Academy.

Meet our teachers